What is the best Esports Tournament Structure and Provider In 2020

What is the best Esports Tournament Structure and Provider In 2020

A significant amount of esports competitions utilize a group configuration that is not used outside of the space. This system is widely known as GSL-style groups. The GSL-style structure has a large amount of impact from the dual elimination categories. Fundamentally, the first two games are played as normal, with the winning group going to the winners’ bracket and the losing group proceeding to the losers’ bracket respectively.

How Does It Work?

The GSL System is essentially designed to ensure that every team stage match is a high-stakes battle with no room for dead rubber games like we often witness in a round-robin structure. Teams playing in a GSL-style group system have three chances to compete out of the group. Scoop up two points, and you will make strides in the game. Lose twice, and you’re going to face elimination Although we mentioned brackets to illustrate the structure, typical GSL-style groups are seen in a table, identical to round-robin groups. In a four-team squad, it’s pretty simple to recognize which teams have progressed and who have been eliminated. The GSL system is extremely flexible and can be used in competitions that use any form of series structure, from the strongest ones all the way to the potential for best of sevens. This system can also be changed to allow for a wide variety of tournaments.

Does The GSL System Have Its Downside?

There are, of course, drawbacks to the GSL System. The most significant one is that because of the structure of the groups, the most teams you’re going to compete with will be three. When teams are used in big competitions, and when you’re seeking to seed the playoff pool, you might end up facing a variety of unpredictable outcomes.

Include the idea that you only need two victories to get in, or two defeats to get out, and having a bad start will have your tournament theoretically cut short. Another common drawback that has been faced in the past is the near-immediate possibility of a rematch in the elimination game. Compared to a round-robin contest, a rematch in a GSL-style system may be counterproductive to competitive justice.

There is no perfect system for esports competitions. Each event requires a different structure that coincides with the way the tournament was designed. The GSL-style structure has been the mainstay of tournaments in a variety of esports games, appearing to be a very efficient way to progress the competition.